GRIPPS Bolt Vault

GRIPPS Bolt Vault
Online Price $69.00 Normal Price $97.50

Drop Protection for Small Objects


The GRIPPS Bolt-Vault is designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of small objects used during live-edge works. The patented design creates a protected environment around the wearers hand, whilst two reinforced interlace panels allow for the insertion of tools and working applications (such as bolt threads). The unique design of the GRIPPS Bolt-Vault makes it suitable for use on most job sites where there is a risk of dropping small objects.


  • Creates an instant drop control environment around wearers hand.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty nylon.
  • Folds down to a standard glove size when not in use.
  • Two reinforced mesh windows allow you to see objects inside.
  • Two tactical nylon weave panels allow insertion of tools/objects.
  • Size 130mm wide x 110mm deep x 250mm high
  • Max Load 2.5kg


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