Gripps Boilermaker and Welders Trade Kit

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Stop the Drops for Boilermakers and Welders


The GRIPPS Mechanical Fitters Trade Kit provides a range of lanyards and tool catches to allow for the attachment over fifteen tools. Each lanyard and tool catch is individually labelled with its rating and the kit allows for tools of up to 7.0kgs. Lanyard length 88-128cm. The GRIPPS Mechanical Fitters Trade Kit is packaged to provide tool tethers with fitter in mind. Included in the kit are a Bungee Tethers, tape measure tether and a variety of tethering point that a mechanical fitter might need.

*This kit was updated in 2021 and now tethers up to 31 tools


Each kit comes supplied in a cliplock bag and contains:

  • 1 x H01142 Belt-Loop Anchor
  • 2 x H01069 Coil Tether Dual-Action - 2.3kg
  • 10 x H01037 Tool Ring (25mm)
  • 1 x H02056 Tape Measure Catch
  • 10 x H01005 Tool Catch (12mm x 55mm)
  • 1 x H01010 V-Gripp Tape
  • 10 x H01030 Screwlock Cable (3mm x 120mm)