General Workplace Emergency First Aid Kit

General Workplace Emergency First Aid Kit
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The General Workplace emergency first aid kit is supplied in a folding soft pouch with handles and a waist clip. This kit is designed for low-risk workplace situation such as an office or retail business. These first aid kits are workplace compliant for medium sized companies (30+ persons) and also meet NSW Type B kit requirements. It comes complete with contents necessary for first-response treatment of minor injuries, trauma, burns and cuts.


Pack Dimensions: 370 x 200 x 180


Item Qty
First Aid Soft Pack With Waist Strap - Empty 1
Adhesive Tape Hypoallergenic 2.5cm x 9m 1
Antiseptic Solution Tubes (30ml) (3) 1
Antiseptic Swabs 10
Burnaid Sachets 3.5g (10) 1
Conforming Gauze Bandage 10cm 1
Conforming Gauze Bandage 5cm 1
Hospital Crepe Bandage 7.5cm 1
Heavy Crepe Bandage 10cm 1
Gloves Disposable (2) - Large 5
Emergency Blanket 1
Eye Pad - Sterile Single 5
First Aid Booklet 1
Forceps Stainless Steel 12.5cm 1
Gauze Squares Sterile (5) 2
Instant Cold Pack 1
Kidney Bowl 1
Gallipot Plastic 150ml 1
Non-Adhesive Dressing Pad Large 1
Non-Adhesive Dressing Pad Small 3
Note Pad and Pencil 1
Personal Protection Pack 1
Fabric Dressing Strips (50) 1
Plastic Waste Disposable Bags 3
Pocket Size Tissue Pack 1
Resuscitation Mask Disposable 1
Safety Pins (12) 1
Scissors Stainless Steel 12.5cm 1
Sharps Disposable Container 150ml 1
Splinter Probes Disposable (5) 1
Sterile Saline Solution Single Use 15ml 6
Triangular Bandage Disposable 2
Alco Wipes 4
Wound Dressing #15 2
CPR Instruction Card 1

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