SPANSET Single DSL2 Retractable Lanyard - Alloy Hooks

Spanset Single DSL2 Self Retracting Lifeline
Online Price $574.50 Normal Price $689.00

Equipped with ANSI Alloy Scaffold Hooks


The SPANSET Single DSL2 Self Retracting Lanyard is manufactured for use in applications requiring foot-level tie-off or working near edges. A lightweight and compact SRL it combines a small retracting lifeline with an external energy absorbing pack.

The SPANSET DSL2 is rated for users up to 140kg and maintains this rating even when anchored at foot level. The device meets the edge test requirements in accordance with the VG11 guidance and comes equipped with either steel or ANSI alloy scaffold hooks. Suitable for scaffold, formwork decks and all leading or sharp edge applications.

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  • Equipped with ANSI rated alloy scaffold hooks
  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed
  • Can be anchored from above, horizontally or at foot level
  • Rated for up to 140kg, with no deration at foot level tie off
  • Webbing edge test and UV tested (meets AS 1891.3 requirements)
  • CE approved to EN360
  • Complies to AS 1891.3
  • Service life 10 years


 Please refer to the SPANSET DSL2 Single Retractable Lanyard product sheet for more information.

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