DBI-SALA Rollgliss R250 Rescue Kit

DBI-SALA Rollgliss R250 Rescue Kit 10 metres
Online Price $2,495.00 Normal Price $2,695.00

Pre-rigged Rescue Kit


The DBI-SALA Rollgliss R250 rescue kit is designed for use in an industrial environment. The system provides a simple, yet safe and efficient method to rescue a worker in the case of a fall. The Rollgliss R250 is a pre-rigged rescue kit that comes with a telescopic pole that allows the rescuer to reach a person without putting themselves at risk by descending to them. The suspended worker can be raised or lowered depending on the circumstances. To use the system you simply find an anchorage point on the structure that is above the person to be rescued. Ideal for roof work, general construction and civil works.



  • Available in 10, 20, 30 and 50m lengths
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • Supplied with all components in a PVC nylon bag.
  • Extension pole adjusts from 1.2-5.0 m
  • Oversized connection hook


 Please refer to the DBI-SALA Rollgliss R250 product sheet for more information.

 Please refer to the DBI-SALA Rollgliss R250 instructions for product care and maintenance.

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